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Baiges sideboard

Baiges sideboard

This sideboard was designed for a workspace.  The main problem was the need for storage. t was commissioned at the same time as the;CA 60, wardrobe; both would coexist and had to have the same material but could speak different languages.

The first thing we decided for both pieces of furniture was the material. We opted for ash for its light colour and its exuberant grain and we thought that for the sideboard, it would be interesting to make a minimalist piece, free of ornamentation. We wanted the focus to be on the ash and the mitres of the main body  reinforced by fitting as is usual in Japanese joinery boxes.

We reduced the thickness of the main body by means of a rebate, so that from,  the front elevation it appears to be 1 cm thick all the way round.

The solution of the legs seeks to give independence to the box.

It is an apparently simple piece of furniture but loaded with details, such as the small drawer inside one of the drawers, the traditional carpentry guides and the leather and sapelli handles.



Solid ash and leather and sapelli handles. Colourless matte finished..


200cm x 65cm x 40cm 

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