We are Francisco Crescini and Ángela González, a husband-and-wife team of architects who design and handcraft furniture, bags and other objects.

We seek to establish a connection and a coherence between what we produce, our life and our way of understanding the world. Our studio-workshop allows us to pass on everything we believe in through what we create.

We have developed a unique, organic creative process in which our ideas and their development can be based on our knowledge as designers or on our work as craftspeople, with no dividing line between the two. This indivisible whole uniting design and craftsmanship is what makes us stand out in the field.

One of our key ideals is to offer a conscious choice to the consumer: we create objects that, through their design, crafting, materials and functionality, make us stop and think about what kind of relationship we have with the things that surround us and whether we are capable of appreciating their value and meaning, in order to make us more consistent in our lifestyle and consumer habits.


Our philosophy

Design and craftsmanship

We are passionate about the great masters of 20th-century design, and we study their work not only on an aesthetic level but also on a functional and philosophical level. Their teachings always permeate our designs in some way. Another source of inspiration is our work as craftspeople: the study of traditional techniques and ancient working methods, often forgotten by the industry, provides us with essential tools in our creative process.

Designs based on functional needs

Our designs take into account the contemporary way of living and the relationship we develop with the objects around us. Based on this, we identify common deficiencies due to space restrictions or daily routines that have changed in recent years, and we try to offer a solution.

Durable products

We believe that each of our creations constitutes a special object with which the client can identify, so we take the following measures so that they will stand the test of time:

  • - Using high-quality materials: we work with materials of natural origin such as premium woods, 100% vegetable-tanned leather from food industry surpluses in Spain, and textiles made of vegetable fibres.
  • - Recovering handcrafting techniques: using or re-interpreting traditional handcrafting techniques instead of industrialised systems when assembling and manufacturing our products guarantees their durability and easy repair thanks to their simple functioning.
  • - Durable designs: the basic ideas behind our designs always focus on studying the proportion and harmony of volumes, listening to the materials and incorporating new techniques that inspire us to develop the object’s language. We keep up with current trends, but we do not limit ourselves to reproducing them; instead we analyse them and identify their cultural and historical origin in order to integrate them fully into our design process. We believe that the beauty of the object thus becomes timeless.

Sustainable Production

We are concerned about the environmental impact that our products may have, and therefore:

    • - We select biodegradable, recyclable or reusable raw materials that come from local suppliers.
    • - We recycle leftover materials and reuse them to create smaller objects.
    • - We consider our pieces from the beginning to the end of their life cycle, using craft techniques that enable the different composite materials to be separated easily.
    • - We design objects while trying to minimise our use of resources, avoiding any unnecessary elements and offering high-quality products that are easy to repair and stand the test of time.
    • - We produce limited editions of our pieces and handcraft them to order or in small quantities. All our pieces carry a serial number.
    • - Made in Spain: we handcraft all our pieces in our workshop in Malaga. We are both involved in developing all the phases, from designing, selecting materials and producing, to presenting and packaging. If we are ever required to outsource part of the process, we always look for specialised workshops in the local area.
    • - We do not collaborate on any project or with any supplier that is unethical.

                Objects that create a home

                Traditionally, a home was simply the four walls of a house. In the contemporary era, when we find it difficult to stay in the same space for a long period of time, our home is determined by the objects that accompany and surround us.

                Our goal is to handcraft objects that you can identify with.