Order a bespoke piece

Most of the pieces we build in the workshop are bespoke, meaning that we work with each client according to their specifications and we suggest designs that provide them with a solution.

If you would like us to design and handcraft something for you, send an email to hola@tallerpiccolo.com. Tell us what you need; what materials, textures and finishes you like; whether any of our existing pieces can be used as a reference; and the delivery date you require. We will contact you by email, and once all the details are finalised we will begin work on your piece.

Our process:


We will give you some free initial sketches along with a number of cost estimates that match what you are looking for. We will then start to develop the proposal you opt for.

While we are developing the design we will keep in touch with you by email. We will gradually hone the design, building prototypes if needed and specifying proportions, functionality, materials, textures, finishes, etc. This process requires a high level of dedication and we will need to be in regular contact with you.

All designs, whether they are built or not, remain the intellectual property of Taller Piccolo.

Prices and payment

To confirm the order, we ask for a deposit of 50% of the total cost estimate. The remaining 50% will be paid when the piece is ready for delivery.

We also give you the option of paying in three instalments. The first instalment will always be 50%. The rest of the amount can be divided into two payments to be made before the piece is delivered.


When we have finished designing the piece, we will specify a delivery date. We will handcraft your piece with the utmost care and document the process.

Solid wood has knots, and there may be differences in tone between boards of the same wood. We also work with vegetable-tanned leather, which may show differences in grain and colour or signs of streaks and wrinkles in the leather. We consider these qualities to be an added value that makes each piece unique and, unless you expressly specify otherwise, these characteristics may appear in your order.


Once the piece is finished we will contact you to arrange delivery. We ask you to be present at the time of delivery. The delivery will be door-to-door. Our delivery company will deliver your order to the address specified. We carefully package your order to avoid any damage that may occur during transportation.

It is your responsibility to inspect your order, and if it does not arrive in good condition you must inform us within 48 hours of delivery, providing us with the order number, the reason for the complaint and a photograph of the piece. We will respond and advise you on the best solution.


If you need us to store your order after the agreed delivery date, we offer free storage for a period of 15 days. After that our storage fee is €20 per day.


You will receive the invoice for your order in PDF format one day after the final payment has been made. You can send us proof of payment to speed up this process. The original invoice will be sent with the order at the time of delivery. If you need proof of previous payments, please let us know and we will send you a receipt.