After-sales services


At Taller Piccolo we offer the following limited warranty applicable only to the original purchasers of our products.

For any service or question related to the warranty you must send us the purchase invoice. If you do not have it, we will not be able to offer you any warranty.

What are the conditions of our warranty?

How to obtain warranty service?

In case you have problems with your product, you must follow this procedure to obtain warranty service:

  1. Get in touch with us by writing an email to in which you tell us what the problem is, documenting it with photographs. If the article has previously undergone any modification, you must let us know. We will answer you indicating if the guarantee can be executed.
  2. If so, place the product well protected in a box, in similar conditions to how it was delivered.
  3. Send us the product together with a copy of the sales invoice, your personal details (name, address, contact telephone number, e-mail) and a description of the problems.
  4. We will assess whether it is advisable to repair or replace the product.
  5. Taller Piccolo will be responsible for shipping costs. The customer assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the shipment, as well as full responsibility in case of selecting a carrier of his or her choice.

What does this warranty exclude?


If you need us to repair your parts for any reason that the warranty we offer cannot meet, please email us at, we will inform you of our rates and advise you on how to proceed. We will be happy to extend the life of our parts.


It is important to us to generate as little waste as possible and our products are specifically designed to be durable. If for any reason you no longer need them, please email us at and we will inform you of our Re-sale and Recycling Services.