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Una sola Tierra

Una sola Tierra

Hoy 5 de junio es el Día Mundial del Medioambiente. No vamos a dar muchos datos sobre el uso abusivo que hacemos del planeta, con decir que “para mantener el ritmo de vida que llevamos en España desde hace décadas harían falta 4 planetas como el nuestro” es suficiente para comprender lo desmesurada que es la situación.

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Con cañas y hojas de palmera

Con cañas y hojas de palmera

Llegar, ver material y construir algo. Con tus manos y lo que tengas alrededor. Realmente es algo muy primitivo y emocionante. Cuando te lanzas a construir, sobretodo acompañado, el tiempo vuela y te involucras de sobremanera, ya que aunque seas consciente de que se trata de algo totalmente efímero, la acción de construir te atrapa y relativiza el hecho de que hagas lo que hagas pronto desaparecerá.

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What do they say about us?

It is always a pleasure to commission a piece from Fran and Ángela. Because they have always advised me and made me part of the creative process. So every piece I have at home has a story and a lot of personality.

Gabriel TineoBespoke orders

My Webley bag couldn't be nicer!!!: simple, elegant and...functional...what more could you ask for?

María VargasBolso Webley

A perfect bag for any season. From the moment I received it, it has become an essential for me. The materials and its shape make it an elegant and very natural bag.

María PalmeroNerja M

I bought a super original lamp that everyone loves. My experience has been 10 out of 10 in everything, they sent it to Madrid very quickly, Angela made everything easy for me from the first moment.

Inma Pérez de la CruzGem lamp

Design, quality materials, almost sickly attention to detail, dedicated and personal attention... a real pleasure and honour to have work from Taller Piccolo.

David FernándezBespoke orders

I've been dreaming of owning a Webley bag for a long time. Now that I have it, I couldn't be happier. Besides the design, I love the tones of the wood with the leather, the finish is beautiful and delicate. It is very comfortable and practical.

Ángela GómezWebley bag

A bag that is feminine and robust at the same time. A masterful combination that is perfectly suited to today's woman. Soft tones and straight shapes, delicate and strong at the same time, with a perfect finish and a very personal style. It transmits serenity and elegance. A bag, without a doubt, for life. Ideal for special occasions. Congratulations on your work!

Marta FernándezHejduk box bag

We loved the design of the furniture when we saw it on Taller Piccolo's Instagram. We had a fluid communication to specify the measurements and personalised characteristics, and within the agreed timeframe we received it at home in perfect condition and we loved it! The furniture has a perfect finish and a beautiful design. And in Taller Piccolo, besides being artists, they are very professional and good people. Recommended!

Begoña ArosteguiBeach House shoe rack furniture