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Elsa living room furniture, 2016

Elsa living room furniture, 2016

When we designed this bookcase it was clear that it had to have a strong Scandinavian character. Since its owner, from a Swedish family, would have grown up among furniture of this style and she wanted to continue to surround herself with it in her current home.

On a functional level, it had to be a piece of furniture that could be used for various purposes in a living room, such as supporting the television, housing a stereo system and a small library.

Talking as a reference the Danish shelving with storage modules from the fifties, we designed this structure composed of vertical supports, horizontal shelves and  closed modules for storage.

It is a piece built entirely in natural oak where the;soft geometry rounded of the supports contrasts with the edges of the modules they support.

A curious tension is also created between the classical tendency of the piece, both in the format and the general shape, with the plastic rotundity of a light and relatively homogeneus wood. homogeneous wood. A classic scheme reinterpreted with refined, contemporary lines.


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