Mimbre buchet cell phone case prototype

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The MIMBRE series of bags is inspired by the symbolism of braiding, craftsmanship and the sense of calm, tranquillity and well-being they convey. It is a revision of traditional basketry to adapt it to our everyday lives, using the colours of the sky, light, shadow and the basket.

MIMBRE is not just a series of bags. As always in Taller Piccolo it is a tribute to the craftsmanship, care, dedication and good workmanship of this art.

The best thing about MIMBRE is that it is able to transmit all these values through unique pieces: very special and also very practical. All-terrain pieces designed to accompany you both on special occasions and in your day-to-day life. Because we faithfully believe in the ability of design, beauty and details to brighten up our days, that's why we want them to accompany you always.


The Mimbre S buchet mobile phone case is a small shoulder bag with a capacity for mobiles of 16,5x8 cm maximum.

It consists of a braided leather structure that holds and protects a canvas bag. Includes an adjustable strap and back pocket for cards. Hand-painted edges and hand-painted with water-based paints.


- First quality cowhide leather of national origin 100% vegetable tanned and from the food industry in hazelnut colour.

- Canvas interior 50% organic cotton and 50% recycled cotton.

Colour: natural,hazelnut, turquoise and black./p>


It is the definitive prototype, it has been manipulated and used to take photos. It is in perfect condition.


Dimension: 14,5 cm (width) x 19 cm (height) x 1,5 cm (depth)

Interior capacity: 13.5 cm (width) x 18 cm (height) x 1 cm (depth)


* Vegetable tanned leather, has an open pore, so you will be able to moisturise it periodically, making it age naturally and last longer. At the same time, this quality will make it darken with the passing of time and exposure to the sun, creating its own patina that will polish the leather, giving it a very special shine and texture.

We believe in making the most of resources and the leather we use has not undergone chrome tanning processes, but is natural, which is why it may present small variations in its colour and grain or traces of the flexes of the leather that will appear as a subtle pattern, giving each bag a unique character.

* As the manufacturing process is entirely handmade, the overall geometry is not perfect.

All our products carry a serial number.

* Designed and handmade one by one in our studio-workshop located in Malaga, Spain.