Olga earrings



Villa Rosario


This series of costume jewellery is inspired by the hydraulic tile compositions designed by Francisco Fernández Fermina in the Malaga house Villa Rosario, in 1929. The warmth, life, geometries and chromatic variations of these floors have been brought to life in a series of pieces determined by attention to detail, textures and respect for the material. 


Olga earrings, handcrafted. Inspired by the geometries of traditional hexagonal hydraulic tiles. They are a geometric game of depths and colour, their floral silhouette is the result of joining 7 hexagons and their star-shaped centre marks their vertices. They are those earrings that you won't want to take off, because they are super flattering, light and have the perfect size to wear them all the time.

Butterfly clasps. For pierced ears.

Colours: cherry and off-white.


Vegetable tanned cow and goat leather of national origin. The fittings are made of 925 ml gold-plated sterling silver.


Midi earrings: 3 cm (width) x 3 cm (length)


* As we believe in making the most of our resources and eliminating waste as much as possible, we have used leftover leather from the leather we use for our bags to make them.

* The vegetable tanned leather has an open pore, so you can moisturize it periodically, making it age naturally and more durable.

* They are made one by one and completely handmade, so their geometry is not perfect and it is possible that there are slight changes in size or colour with respect to the photos. Hand painted edges.

* Todos nuestros productos llevan un número de serie.

* Designed and handmade one by one with infinite love in our studio-workshop located in Malaga, Spain.