Elsa living room furniture



Inspired by Danish storage module shelving from the 1950s, we designed this structure composed of vertical supports, horizontal shelves and closed storage modules.

A curious tension is created between the classical tendency of the piece, both the format and the general shape, with the plastic rotundity of a light and relatively homogeneous wood. A classic scheme reinterpreted with refined, contemporary lines.


It is a piece built entirely in natural oak where the soft rounded geometry of the supports contrasts with the edges of the modules they support.

It consists of two modules closed with wooden grilles to store sound equipment with drawer and shelf respectively, a central module with intermediate shelf closed by sliding doors and a narrow shelving module with drawer.


Built entirely in top quality solid oak wood. Finished in matt colourless water-based varnish.


Length 280cm. Depth: 40cm. Height: 195cm. Sideboard height 60cm.

Usage options:

It is a piece of furniture that can be used for various purposes in a living room, such as supporting the TV, housing a stereo system and a small library.

Production and delivery time:

If you are interested, write to us at hola@tallerpiccolo.com, we will inform you about manufacturing times and shipping costs. Due to its size, this piece of furniture cannot be shipped by a standard transport company, our trusted carrier will take care of it, as long as its destination is mainland Spain, France, Andorra or Portugal.


This piece of furniture will be made expressly for you, if you wish we can adapt its measurements or distribution to your needs, contact us to define the design. Important: As this is a piece of furniture made especially for you, no changes or returns are allowed.


* Designed and handmade one by one in our studio-workshop located in Malaga, Spain.