Meninas Dadá earrings





The Sophie series is inspired by the Swiss artist Sophie Taeuber - Arp, in her intention to change the world from joy and sense of humour, reconciling opposites, uniting: Art and craft, the figurative and the abstract, the geometric and the Dada. Being a pioneer in giving value to women and their work in the applied arts.  


Earrings formed from a composition in wood and leather of semicircles, circles and fragments of these, of different sizes and colours that when joined together resemble the silhouette of a menina. Butterfly clasps. For pierced ears.

The textures of each leather, some of them hand-painted, in contrast with the texture of the oak give them a cubist air. They are weightless, fun, elegant, conceptual and very flattering.

Colours: off-white, black, hazelnut, pink and wood.


Vegetable tanned leather of national origin and oak wood. Fittings made of 925 ml sterling silver.


Maxi earrings: 4 cm (width) x 5,5 cm (length)


* They include a solid wood support, so you can use them as small sculptures when you are not wearing them.

* As we believe in making the most of our resources and eliminating waste wherever possible, we have used leftover leather from our handbags to make them.

* The vegetable tanned leather is open-pored, so you can moisturise it periodically, making it age naturally and last longer.

* They are made one by one and completely handmade, so their geometry is not perfect and there may be slight changes in size or colour from the photos. Hand painted edges.

* All our products are limited editions and carry a serial number.

Designed and handmade one by one with infinite love in our studio-workshop located in Malaga, Spain.