Hedjuk small black box



Hedjuk bags are a reflection on the transformation of matter and the passage from two to three dimensions. They are an experiment on pattern and crafting systems, a game with primary geometries.


This bag has been created by a single piece of leather that folds on itself acquiring a geometric and rigid shape.

Its sides have been sewn by hand using crossed seams on the edges that reinforce its primitive character and contrast with its geometry. All the edges have been burnished and hand painted with water paints.

It is a small and versatile bag to carry the essentials, although due to its compact shape it is able to hold more than what is apparent at first. It has two handle options that can be exchanged, a long strap of 115 cm and a handle next to two screws that can be easily placed to turn it into a handbag.

Colour: black.


Made in premium Spanish young cow´s leather and lined in soft black goat leather. The detail of the flap and the feet are made of reused walnut wood, from antique furniture. Both the handle and the strap are black leather vegetable tanned of national origin. Trimmings used are nickel free.


Capacity: 12 cm (width) x 12 cm (height) x 10 cm (depth).

Total dimension: 12,5 cm (width) x 14,5 cm (height) x 12,5 cm (depth).

Usage options:

Option 1: hang it over your shoulder.

Option 2: carry it on your hand.


* The vegetable tanning leather has an open pore. It can be periodically hydrated, getting it to age naturally and being more durable. Likewise, this quality will make it darken with the passage of time and exposure to the sun, creating a patina of its own.

* We believe that we should make the most of the resources and the leather we use has undergone natural tanning processes, not chrome, for this reason it may present small variations in its colour and grain or traces of the stretch marks of the leather that will appear as a subtle pattern, bringing to each bag a unique character. Not all bags will be identical to the model in terms of texture.

* As the manufacturing process is entirely handmade, the overall geometry is not perfect.

* This piece is limited edition and bears a serial number.

* Designed and handmade one by one in our studio-workshop located in Malaga, Spain.