Scato headboard



For the design of this headboard we used the cross-sections of American oak boards. In these cross-sections we can see the tree's growth rings. Trees grow in layers, like an onion, and they grow from the centre to the perimeter leaving circular marks that correspond to their growing seasons and that is why the rings are used to date a tree. Each ring corresponds to one year of the tree's life. In addition to the age, we can obtain other data such as the periods where the tree obtained the most nutrients and water.


We decided to take advantage of these drawings from nature to compose a mosaic. We cut each board in an orderly way to compose a pattern that develops along the piece.
We finished off the headboard with a perimeter mitred frame.


Premium USA oak wood with a wax oil finish.


- Length: 160 cm. Height: 82 cm. Depth: 6 cm.
- Length: 160 cm. Height: 60 cm. Depth: 6 cm.
- Length: 100 cm. Height: 82 cm. Depth: 6 cm
- Length: 100 cm. Height: 60 cm. Depth: 6 cm

Usage options:

For single or double bed, depending on the size you choose.

Production and delivery time:

If you are interested, write to us at, we will inform you about manufacturing times and shipping costs. Due to its size and weight, this furniture cannot be sent by a standard transport company, our trusted carrier will take care of it, as long as its destination is mainland Spain, France, Andorra or Portugal.


This piece of furniture will be made expressly for you, if you wish we can adapt its measurements or distribution to your needs, contact us to define the design. Important: As this is a piece of furniture made especially for you, we do not accept returns or exchanges.


* Rounded frame with mitred corners.

* Designed and handmade one by one in our studio-workshop located in Malaga, Spain.