Amaranto earrings





Dríades is a refocus on the scale of detail. An invitation to look slowly. To observe the infinite subtleties that can be seen in the growth rings of a tree. Colours and textures created over centuries. Dríades are the nymphs of the forests, the first ecologists, mythological women who lived among the oaks.


Floral and elongated earrings formed by oak wood circles and semicircles of different diameters sewn by means of ivory-coloured thread. Butterfly clasp. For pierced ears.They are warm, elegant and go with everything. They weigh nothing.


Oak wood. Back reinforced with natural coloured cowhide leather. The fittings are made of Sterling Silver 925 ml.


Maxi earrings: 3,7 cm (width) x 9 cm (length).


* As we believe in making the most of our resources and eliminating waste as much as possible, we have used scraps of the wood we use for our bags and furniture to make them.

* Each piece is unique because its colours and texture depend on the grain of the wood.  

* They are made one by one and completely by hand so their geometry is not perfect and there may be slight changes in size or colour from the photos.  

* All of our products are serial numbered.

* Designed and handmade one by one with infinite love in our studio-workshop located in Malaga, Spain.