Small Edo storage unit

€530,00 €1.020,00


Based on a combination of our admiration for Gerrit Rietveld's contribution to the field of design, and traditional Japanese carpentry.


The main feature of this piece is the separation between its supporting structure and the supported containers. Two compartments are supported by the batten structure, one with a drawer and the other with a hinged door.


Structure crafted in premium American oak. Doors made of oak veneered board (to lighten its weight). Finished in colourless ultra-matt water-based varnish in a natural finish. Drawer with telescopic slides. Piano-hinged door.


50 cm (width), 30 cm (depth), 84 cm (height).

Interior capacity:
- Drawer: 31 cm (width), 24 cm (depth), 8 cm (height)
- Total capacity of the lower module: 36 cm (width), 26.5 cm (depth), 58 cm (height). It is divided by a middle shelf, creating two spaces of 36 cm (width), 26.5 cm (depth) and 32.5 cm / 23 cm (respective height).

Options for use:

This is an exceptionally versatile piece of furniture:

1)Ideal for a small hallway.
2) Can be placed in the bedroom as a small dressing table
3) Can also be used as a storage support unit in a living room or dining room.


* This item comes from our Re-sale and Recycling Service because its previous owner no longer needs it. It was custom-designed with all the precise features required by a sommelier who eventually changed profession.

We believe it is important to generate as little waste as possible, and our products are specifically designed to be durable. We have therefore created the Re-sale and Recycling Service, because we feel that we are in an ideal position to re-use the material we generate, either by finding a new owner for each piece or by recycling the raw material by incorporating it into new designs. We also believe that this creates a good opportunity for you to find some of our pieces at very low prices.

* The piece was used for 3 months and is in perfect condition.

* This piece is limited edition and bears a serial number.

* Designed and handmade one by one in our studio-workshop located in Malaga, Spain.